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Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is attacked by a grizzly bear in this chapter?
(a) Gass
(b) Fields
(c) Lewis
(d) Jones

2. What are prairie dogs rumored to live with?
(a) Frogs
(b) Goats
(c) Sheep
(d) Snakes or lizards

3. What kind of animal starts to roam near the camp?
(a) Wolves
(b) Grizzly bears
(c) Sabre tooth tigers
(d) Cougars

4. Where is the keelboat traveling to?
(a) Washington
(b) Mississppi
(c) St. Louis
(d) New Orleans

5. What does Sacagawea call her child?
(a) Phillip
(b) Crying Coyote
(c) Jean-Baptiste
(d) White Goat

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lewis put on the canoes to show the Indians they are not enemies?

2. Whose protection does the captain say a warring nation will lose?

3. Who gives birth in this chapter?

4. What rank is Richard Warfington?

5. What uses the mound as a refuge?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Clark notice about the mound they climb in the third chapter?

2. Why does the Corps find the terrain heavy going in Chapter 12?

3. Describe Toussaint Charbonneau and his current life.

4. Describe the meeting that takes place between the captains and the Yankton Siuox on August 30th.

5. What decisions does Clark make on November 2?

6. What is George Shannon's conditions when he finally shows up again in the third chapter?

7. What decision does the Court Martial make on Hugh Hall and John Collins?

8. Why do the Captains need to punish three members of the team in the opening chapter?

9. What does Jean Valle tell the party in the fourth chapter?

10. What problems does the Teton tribe cause the party in the third chapter?

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