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Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Clark say the Teton Sioux Indians will not be tolerated around the camp?
(a) They did not listen to their counsel
(b) They did not trade with them
(c) They will steal
(d) They are violent

2. Whose grave do they visit on the way back home?
(a) President Washington's
(b) President Lincoln's
(c) Charles Floyd's
(d) Black Buffalo's

3. What is the main chief of the Indian band they meet in this chapter?
(a) Cameahwait
(b) Sitting Horse
(c) Shoshone
(d) Henry

4. Which of the Indians is Sacagawea's brother?
(a) Cameahwait
(b) Jovoraha
(c) Yuniper
(d) Jingding

5. Where is Lewis accidentally shot?
(a) The hip
(b) The thigh
(c) The back
(d) The foot

6. What mountains does the party reach in this chapter?
(a) Echo Mountains
(b) Nomadic Moutains
(c) Bitterroot Mountains
(d) Jacob's Moutains

7. What do three Indians steal from the Corps?
(a) Guns
(b) Seamen the dog
(c) A canoe
(d) Food

8. What kind of meat does Clark say he has grown fond of?
(a) Dog
(b) Buffalo
(c) Cat
(d) Cougar

9. What does the Corps avoid to quicken its pace?
(a) Hunting
(b) Talking
(c) Singing
(d) Sleeping

10. What causes the the camp to feel great joy?
(a) A ten hour sleep
(b) Comfortable beds
(c) The sight of the ocean
(d) A traveling clown

11. What does Clark name the sandstone structure?
(a) Lube Tower
(b) Lewis' Tower
(c) July Tower
(d) Pompy's Tower

12. What do the Indians give the Corps to eat in the Nez Perces camp?
(a) Cheese
(b) Buffalo steak
(c) Soup and bread
(d) Ice cream

13. Why are the captains advised not to pay their Shoshone guide?
(a) He will use it for bad things
(b) He has no need for money
(c) He has stolen too much
(d) He will be robbed

14. Which member of the party is reunited with her relatives in this chapter?
(a) Shields
(b) Sacagawea
(c) Clark
(d) Lewis

15. What river does Lewis explore in this chapter?
(a) The Hudson
(b) Columbia River
(c) Freda's River
(d) Maria's River

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Corps name the eastern fork?

2. What kind of musical instrument does the Corps play at the camp?

3. What kind of fish is the stream in this chapter rich in?

4. Who was the President of the United States when this book was written?

5. Where does Pryor have to lead the horses to?

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