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Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which member of the party is reunited with her relatives in this chapter?
(a) Shields
(b) Lewis
(c) Sacagawea
(d) Clark

2. When do the natives have to leave the fortification?
(a) 10 pm
(b) Sunset
(c) Dinner time
(d) Midnight

3. Why are the captains advised not to pay their Shoshone guide?
(a) He will use it for bad things
(b) He will be robbed
(c) He has no need for money
(d) He has stolen too much

4. What does Clark say any white man trading with the Pawnees should be?
(a) Armed
(b) Jovial
(c) Confident
(d) Defensive

5. What does the Corps avoid to quicken its pace?
(a) Hunting
(b) Talking
(c) Sleeping
(d) Singing

6. What does Lewis use to signal his peaceful intentions to the man on the horse?
(a) A blanket
(b) A stick
(c) A flag
(d) A gun

7. What does Private Potts injure himself with?
(a) His knife
(b) A spear
(c) His gun
(d) A piece of wood

8. What are the rivers divided by?
(a) Villages
(b) Hills
(c) Mountains
(d) Plains

9. What does Clark make the moccasins from?
(a) Seal skin
(b) Buffalo skin
(c) Plastic bags
(d) Beaver skin

10. What kind of musical instrument does the Corps play at the camp?
(a) Fiddles
(b) Clarinets
(c) Trumpets
(d) Guitars

11. What was Albert Gallatin's job with the government?
(a) Secretary of State
(b) Secretary of Treasury
(c) President
(d) Vice President

12. Which of the Indians is Sacagawea's brother?
(a) Jovoraha
(b) Jingding
(c) Cameahwait
(d) Yuniper

13. What do the men eat when they run out of food?
(a) Snow
(b) Grass
(c) Each other
(d) Horses

14. Who does the Corps meet on September 12th?
(a) Charles Floyd
(b) President Jefferson
(c) Joseph Graveline
(d) Black Buffalo

15. What mountain can Clark see on the horizon in this chapter?
(a) Mt. Dee
(b) Mt. Hood
(c) Mt. Form
(d) Mt. Johnson

Short Answer Questions

1. What Indians does the Corps meet in this chapter?

2. Which European language can the Indians communicate in?

3. What does the Corps see on the beach in this chapter?

4. Which of the following words does Lewis use to describe the Shoshone Indians?

5. Where does Lewis shoot one of the Indians?

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