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Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lewis order his men to sleep with in this chapter?
(a) Their knives
(b) Each other
(c) Their guns
(d) A squaw

2. Who is responsible for piloting the keel boat?
(a) Richard Warfington
(b) Captain Clark
(c) Captain Lewis
(d) Joseph Gravelines

3. Which of the following people is not punished in this chapter?
(a) John Collins
(b) James Horace
(c) William Warner
(d) Hugh Hall

4. What does Lewis worry about finding material to make?
(a) A boat
(b) Toilets
(c) A fort
(d) Tea

5. What makes the terrain so difficult in this chapter?
(a) Strong winds
(b) Hail storms
(c) Muddy conditions
(d) Prickly pears and rocks

6. What draws characters in the morning after it has been smoked by visitors?
(a) Holy bong
(b) Hope stone
(c) Medicine stone
(d) Holy pipe

7. What is the antelope not very good at?
(a) Swimming
(b) Fighting
(c) Running
(d) Mating

8. What tribe are the Indian boys that the Corps meets at the end of the chapter from?
(a) Coyote
(b) Teton
(c) Panshees
(d) York

9. Who is the Great Father the captains talk about?
(a) God
(b) The French King
(c) The British King
(d) The American President

10. What kind of medicine does Lewis give Sacagawea in this chapter?
(a) Steroids
(b) Opium
(c) Cocaine
(d) Cough syrup

11. How does Clark describe the Mandan village houses?
(a) Small and square
(b) Large and round
(c) Cool and open
(d) Beautiful, but impractical

12. What do most of the men like about the Mandan village?
(a) The food is great
(b) It is near shops
(c) The women are attractive
(d) It is very comfortable

13. Who is in command of the keelboat?
(a) James Regal
(b) Captain Clark
(c) Richard Warfington
(d) Joseph Gravelines

14. What does Captain Lewis provide that helps with the birth?
(a) Painkillers
(b) Rattlesnake's rattle
(c) Towels
(d) Forceps

15. What is the Indian women's canoe made from?
(a) Bear skin
(b) Sugar cane
(c) Wood
(d) Buffalo skin

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the veteran trader who joins their party?

2. What is Captain Lewis still recovering from in this chapter?

3. Why does Lewis decide to walk along the shore?

4. What can the Corps see from the top of the hill?

5. What animal swims across the river in this chapter?

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