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Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the scouting party have to find up the southern fork of the river?
(a) A mound
(b) A waterfall
(c) A monument
(d) A graveyard

2. What rank is Richard Warfington?
(a) Private
(b) Corporal
(c) Captain
(d) Sergeant

3. What does Jean Valle operate from his house?
(a) A grocery store
(b) A post office
(c) A trading post
(d) A bar

4. What is the river bottom covered with?
(a) Glass
(b) Coins
(c) Dead fish
(d) Timber

5. What are the towropes made from?
(a) Buffalo skin
(b) Dog skin
(c) Elk skin
(d) Antelope skin

6. What kind of animal almost jumps on Clark?
(a) Wolf
(b) Puma
(c) Coyote
(d) Cougar

7. Who is the Great Father the captains talk about?
(a) The American President
(b) The French King
(c) The British King
(d) God

8. What do the captains need during their talks with the Tetons?
(a) A bodyguard
(b) An interpreter
(c) A guard dog
(d) Weapons

9. Who shows up after 16 days in this chapter?
(a) Philip Untop
(b) Frankie Rogets
(c) James White
(d) George Shannon

10. What day does the Corps celebrate in this chapter?
(a) Christmas Day
(b) Easter Sunday
(c) Independence Day
(d) Thanksgiving

11. What kind of medicine does Lewis give Sacagawea in this chapter?
(a) Cocaine
(b) Cough syrup
(c) Steroids
(d) Opium

12. What do the hunters kill in this chapter?
(a) A grizzly bear
(b) A wolf
(c) A squirrel
(d) A coyote

13. What draws characters in the morning after it has been smoked by visitors?
(a) Hope stone
(b) Holy bong
(c) Holy pipe
(d) Medicine stone

14. Who is attacked by a grizzly bear in this chapter?
(a) Fields
(b) Gass
(c) Lewis
(d) Jones

15. Who does LaFrance trade for?
(a) The N.W. Company
(b) The Rogets Company
(c) The J.T. Company
(d) The Yahoo Company

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Meriwether Lewis in this chapter?

2. Why does Clark leave signs for the Indians on his trail?

3. What does Lewis put on the canoes to show the Indians they are not enemies?

4. What is the name of Captain Clark's dog?

5. What is the antelope not very good at?

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