Daily Lessons for Teaching The Journals of Lewis and Clark

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
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Lesson 1 (from The Corps of Discovery Shoves Off)


On the morning of May 13, 1804, Captain William Clark and a staff of around 40 people leave the Army camp of River Dubois, on the eastern mouth of the Missouri River. Clark mentions he wrote to Meriwether Lewis, who is in St. Louis attending some necessary business.

The aim of this lesson is to examine the importance of Lewis and Clark in American history.


1) Class discussion. What impact have Lewis and Clark had on modern America? Why do the students think they were specifically asked to lead the expedition? How are Lewis and Clark regarded today? Are there any controversies surrounding their journey?

2) Divide the class into two. One half of the class should individually write Lewis' biography and the other half should write Clark's biography.

3) Ask the students to examine either the character of Clark or Lewis. They should three or four paragraphs on why that...

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