The Journals of Lewis and Clark Fun Activities

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
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500 Words

Condense the story into 500 words.

Comic Strip

Turn one of the sections into a comic strip.

Book Cover

Design a Book cover for the journal, including a blurb.

Board Game

Adapt the book into a board game.


Make a plan of the food you can eat in a week in the American wilderness.


Draw a map of Lewis and Clark's route.


Choose a person from the journals and write his obituary.


Choose what songs you would have on a soundtrack that could accompany the book. At what point would you play the songs?

Guess the Person

Choose one of the people from the book and think about how he or she looks, walks and acts in general. Find some clothes from home and bring them into class. The task is then to walk around the class dressed up and acting like your person...

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