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Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of headstone marked the grave of Ludvik's mother?

2. Who is the narrator in part five?

3. What does Ludvik order for lunch with Helena?

4. What music does Jaroslav compare to folk music?

5. Why does Ludvik want to have an affair with Helena?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the Helena Ludvik is finally attracted to.

2. How does Jaroslav imagine his mother?

3. How did Kostka feel about Ludvik defending him to the University?

4. Why did Zemanek read Fucik at Ludvik's hearing?

5. How does Kovalik suggest to Ludvik the people have come around to accepting state-sponsored rites of passage in the place of religious ceremonies?

6. How does Jaroslav describe the "Communists of the time," after his first year at University?

7. Describe the difference between Ludvik and Kostka's perceived relationship, according to Kostka.

8. Describe Jaroslav's house.

9. What event called Kostka's Christianity into question by the administration at the University?

10. How does Kostka justify leaving his wife and child?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Detail what happened to Ludvik's mother and what brought her to be buried in the manner she was laid to rest.

Essay Topic 2

Why does Ludvik see Lucie as the King of the Ride of the Kings?

Essay Topic 3

What does the Black Insignia signify to Ludvik? To the Party?

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