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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Moravia reminds the narrator of what city?
(a) Bratislava.
(b) Ostrava.
(c) Brno.
(d) Prague.

2. Zemanek and Helena were together for nearly two years when what happened?
(a) Helena was called before a committee and kept out of Zemanek's way.
(b) Helena became pregnant.
(c) Zemanek asked her to marry him.
(d) Zemanek was called before a committee and kept out of Helena's way.

3. Though Ludvik claims to not be a big lover of poetry, he carried three books of poetry with him. Who was the poet that authored these books?
(a) Andre Brenton.
(b) MIlan Rufus.
(c) Pavel Zajicek.
(d) Frantisek Halas.

4. How much money does Ludvik pull out of his pocket to pay the woman for his shave?
(a) Ten crowns.
(b) Four crowns.
(c) One crown.
(d) Five crowns.

5. How did Helena meet Ludvik?
(a) She had to interview him.
(b) He had to interview her.
(c) In the gallows.
(d) At a demonstration.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Helena claim she is looking for?

2. What did Zemanek start after Togliatti spoke in Old Town Square?

3. As the woman cleans Ludvik's face with a towel, what does Ludvik pretend?

4. Where does Kostka live?

5. Where was Ludvik summoned the day after he returned to his post at University in his third year?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Ludvik feel frustrated when he leaves the barber for his shave?

2. How does Helena feel about younger women?

3. After Marketa and Ludvik speak candidly about the postcard, Ludvik suggests he could win Marketa despite everything. How, and what, does he do?

4. Describe Ludvik's hotel room in Moravia.

5. What is Kostka's living situation?

6. How does Ludvik describe Kostka?

7. How did Marketa react to the postcard Ludvik sent?

8. What was Helena's first meeting with Ludvik like, according to Helena?

9. What is Helena's credo?

10. Describe the story of the dwarfs Ludvik told Marketa.

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