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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who narrates part three of "The Joke"?
(a) Marketa.
(b) Lucie.
(c) Ostrava.
(d) Ludvik.

2. How long did the wedding festivities last between Zemanek and Helena?
(a) Three hours.
(b) Ten hours.
(c) Twenty-four hours.
(d) Two days.

3. Where is the man Ludvik asks for at the booth at the gate of the hospital?
(a) He is in his office.
(b) He did not come to work that day.
(c) He just left and is on his way out.
(d) He is out on lunch.

4. Helena claims she would do anything to save her marriage. Why?
(a) For the Party.
(b) For Zemanek.
(c) For her daughter, for honor.
(d) For her own sake, for the sake of the past.

5. According to Helena, what does Zemanek live on?
(a) Hard work.
(b) His morals.
(c) Applause.
(d) Drink.

6. What was the last thing Ludvik said after leaving his meeting with the board?
(a) "People for labor."
(b) "Honor to labor."
(c) "Justice to people."
(d) "Honor to justice."

7. At the end of her first year at university, Marketa is sent away by who?
(a) The Comrades.
(b) Ludvik.
(c) Her professor.
(d) Her parents.

8. Who at Helena's work station likes her?
(a) Jindra.
(b) Pavel.
(c) Her boss.
(d) All the girls.

9. When did Ludvik meet Marketa?
(a) Around 1958.
(b) Around 1948.
(c) Around 1940.
(d) Around 1945

10. At the beginning of the novel, how long has the narrator been away from his home?
(a) Five years.
(b) Ten years.
(c) Fifteen years.
(d) Twenty years.

11. When does Helena believe her co-workers started disliking her?
(a) Helena was having multiple affairs and misleading the Party.
(b) Two co-workers were having an affair and Helena took their side.
(c) Helena was having an affair and misled the Party.
(d) Two co-workers were having an affair and Helena took a stand against it.

12. What happened in 1956 and how did it affect Helena and Zemanek?
(a) Stalin's crimes came out, but Helena remained loyal.
(b) Stalin became a hero but Helena didn't like him.
(c) Stalin's crimes came out, but Pavel remained loyal.
(d) Stalin became a hero but Pavel didn't like him.

13. When did Helena move to Prague?
(a) 1959.
(b) 1949.
(c) 1945.
(d) 1939.

14. Ludvik overhears his neighbors in the hotel as soon as he is settled in. What does he learn about the neighbors?
(a) They are a large family of five.
(b) It is an old man traveling alone, talking to himself.
(c) They are a small family of three.
(d) They are a man and a woman.

15. How does Ludvik feel about the differences between himself and Kostka?
(a) Ludvik really dislikes Kostka.
(b) Ludvik hates to argue with Kostka.
(c) Ludvik gets very angry with Kostka.
(d) Their differences endear Kostka to Ludvik.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Marketa sent, at the end of her first year at university?

2. When Ludvik sits down to have a shave, what does he do?

3. In the beginning of the novel, the narrator claims his mission could have been completed in what city?

4. Ludvik and Kostka, just before Kostka returns to the hospital, come to an ideological impasse. How long ago were they in the same position?

5. As a student, where did Ludvik hold an important post?

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