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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many empty chairs are at the barber where Ludvik goes to get a shave?
(a) One.
(b) Three.
(c) Four.
(d) Two.

2. What floor does Kostka live on?
(a) The third floor.
(b) The fourth floor.
(c) The second floor.
(d) The fifth floor.

3. What organ does Helena have trouble with, under the slightest bit of exertion?
(a) Her stomach.
(b) Her brain.
(c) Her heart.
(d) Her lungs.

4. When did Ludvik meet Marketa?
(a) Around 1958.
(b) Around 1940.
(c) Around 1945
(d) Around 1948.

5. What happened in 1956 and how did it affect Helena and Zemanek?
(a) Stalin became a hero but Pavel didn't like him.
(b) Stalin's crimes came out, but Pavel remained loyal.
(c) Stalin's crimes came out, but Helena remained loyal.
(d) Stalin became a hero but Helena didn't like him.

6. Who said, "May melancholy never taint my name."?
(a) Fucik.
(b) Zedna.
(c) Moravia.
(d) Stalin.

7. What does the narrator do at the beginning of part three?
(a) Go wandering.
(b) Have dinner.
(c) Meet a lover.
(d) Go to the hospital.

8. What did Zemanek start after Togliatti spoke in Old Town Square?
(a) A fight that crushed a girl he was dating.
(b) Fifty thousand people singing in Italian.
(c) A fight that turned into a riot.
(d) Fifty thousand people screaming a slogan.

9. As the woman cleans Ludvik's face with a towel, what does Ludvik pretend?
(a) She is slapping him.
(b) He is back in Prague with his regular barber.
(c) She is caressing him.
(d) He is being cleaned by someone else.

10. Helena believes that there is no split between what?
(a) Church and state.
(b) Public and private selves.
(c) Husband and wife.
(d) Politics and morals.

11. Who is the narrator of the part two?
(a) Ludvik.
(b) Jana.
(c) Helena.
(d) Pavel.

12. Zemanek and Helena were together for nearly two years when what happened?
(a) Zemanek was called before a committee and kept out of Helena's way.
(b) Helena became pregnant.
(c) Helena was called before a committee and kept out of Zemanek's way.
(d) Zemanek asked her to marry him.

13. How does Ludvik feel about the differences between himself and Kostka?
(a) Ludvik gets very angry with Kostka.
(b) Their differences endear Kostka to Ludvik.
(c) Ludvik hates to argue with Kostka.
(d) Ludvik really dislikes Kostka.

14. Ludvik asks Kostka for a recommendation for what service?
(a) A decent dinner.
(b) Entertainment for the evening.
(c) A shave.
(d) A store that sells liquor.

15. Where did Zemanek go at the beginning of part two?
(a) Bratislava.
(b) Prague.
(c) Brno.
(d) Moravia.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Kostka receive Ludvik after not seeing each other in so long?

2. What is the name of Helena's daughter?

3. How long did the wedding festivities last between Zemanek and Helena?

4. Who narrates part three of "The Joke"?

5. Ludvik overhears his neighbors in the hotel as soon as he is settled in. What does he learn about the neighbors?

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