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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Helena claims she would do anything to save her marriage. Why?
(a) For her own sake, for the sake of the past.
(b) For the Party.
(c) For Zemanek.
(d) For her daughter, for honor.

2. What floor does Kostka live on?
(a) The third floor.
(b) The fourth floor.
(c) The fifth floor.
(d) The second floor.

3. When does Helena believe her co-workers started disliking her?
(a) Helena was having an affair and misled the Party.
(b) Two co-workers were having an affair and Helena took a stand against it.
(c) Helena was having multiple affairs and misleading the Party.
(d) Two co-workers were having an affair and Helena took their side.

4. As the woman cleans Ludvik's face with a towel, what does Ludvik pretend?
(a) He is being cleaned by someone else.
(b) She is slapping him.
(c) He is back in Prague with his regular barber.
(d) She is caressing him.

5. Ludvik asks Kostka for a recommendation for what service?
(a) A shave.
(b) A store that sells liquor.
(c) A decent dinner.
(d) Entertainment for the evening.

6. How does Ludvik find Kostka's flat?
(a) It is sparse.
(b) It is dingy.
(c) It is overly lavish.
(d) It is very attractive.

7. How does the narrator view the town square of his hometown after his long absence?
(a) He finds it unsightly.
(b) He finds it changed from his memory.
(c) He finds it charming.
(d) He finds it beautiful.

8. When did Ludvik meet Marketa?
(a) Around 1945
(b) Around 1948.
(c) Around 1958.
(d) Around 1940.

9. What movie does Ludvik end up watching in his pursuit of the person he is following on his weekend alone?
(a) Court of Honor
(b) The Honor of Labor
(c) In the Court of Labor.
(d) Labor and You: A Story of Honor

10. What happened in 1956 and how did it affect Helena and Zemanek?
(a) Stalin became a hero but Pavel didn't like him.
(b) Stalin's crimes came out, but Pavel remained loyal.
(c) Stalin's crimes came out, but Helena remained loyal.
(d) Stalin became a hero but Helena didn't like him.

11. As a student, where did Ludvik hold an important post?
(a) Sect of Young Marxists.
(b) Justice of Collegiate Students.
(c) League of University Students.
(d) Society of Students.

12. Where was Ludvik summoned the day after he returned to his post at University in his third year?
(a) The District Party Headquarters.
(b) The Station of the League of Students.
(c) Stalin's Command Center.
(d) The Party Pentagon.

13. What is the name of the narrator of the first section of the novel?
(a) Jaroslav.
(b) Ludvik.
(c) Helena.
(d) Milan.

14. When Ludvik finally goes before the plenary session of the Department of Natural Sciences, how many people speak for him?
(a) Two, Marketa and Zemanek.
(b) None.
(c) Three - Marketa, Zemanek and Pavel.
(d) One, only Marketa.

15. What does Ludvik think of this woman's voice who shaved him?
(a) It is the voice he recognizes most.
(b) It is the voice of a stranger.
(c) It is very soothing.
(d) It is very formal and cold.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Zemanek say to Helena in the heat of an argument when their daughter was five?

2. What organ does Helena have trouble with, under the slightest bit of exertion?

3. Who at Helena's work station likes her?

4. Helena believes that there is no split between what?

5. After a separation in which Marketa fares far better than Ludvik, he sends her something to hurt her. What is it that he sends Marketa?

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