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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Ludvik sits down to have a shave, what does he do?
(a) Start a conversation with the man in the chair next to him.
(b) Check his appearance in the mirror.
(c) Talk to the girl shaving him right away.
(d) Avoid the mirror and look at the ceiling.

2. Helena believes that there is no split between what?
(a) Church and state.
(b) Public and private selves.
(c) Husband and wife.
(d) Politics and morals.

3. Ludvik decides to leave his hotel shortly after arriving for the first time. What does he want to do?
(a) Buy a new suit.
(b) Obtain something to eat.
(c) Send a letter at the post office.
(d) Ask an acquaintance for a discreet favor.

4. Ludvik and Kostka, just before Kostka returns to the hospital, come to an ideological impasse. How long ago were they in the same position?
(a) Fourteen years.
(b) Fifteen years.
(c) Nine years.
(d) Seven years.

5. When does Helena believe her co-workers started disliking her?
(a) Two co-workers were having an affair and Helena took their side.
(b) Helena was having multiple affairs and misleading the Party.
(c) Helena was having an affair and misled the Party.
(d) Two co-workers were having an affair and Helena took a stand against it.

6. Who is the narrator of the part two?
(a) Helena.
(b) Jana.
(c) Ludvik.
(d) Pavel.

7. Where is the man Ludvik asks for at the booth at the gate of the hospital?
(a) He did not come to work that day.
(b) He just left and is on his way out.
(c) He is out on lunch.
(d) He is in his office.

8. Why is Helena going to Moravia?
(a) She made up a reason to get closer to Ludvik.
(b) To do a feature on the Ride of the Kings.
(c) She made up a reason to get away from Ludvik.
(d) To do a feature on the gallows.

9. After the woman giving Ludvik finishes soaping his face and gets up to retrieve the razor, Ludvick wants to look at her and realizes what?
(a) Ludvik doesn't know this woman.
(b) Ludvik dislikes this woman.
(c) Ludvik knows the woman.
(d) Ludvik knows the woman's younger sister.

10. At the beginning of the novel, how long has the narrator been away from his home?
(a) Five years.
(b) Fifteen years.
(c) Twenty years.
(d) Ten years.

11. How does Ludvik describe himself at university, in his second year?
(a) A man with one goal.
(b) A man of many faces.
(c) A man in love with one woman.
(d) A man at one with the regime.

12. Who said, "May melancholy never taint my name."?
(a) Zedna.
(b) Fucik.
(c) Moravia.
(d) Stalin.

13. As the woman cleans Ludvik's face with a towel, what does Ludvik pretend?
(a) He is back in Prague with his regular barber.
(b) He is being cleaned by someone else.
(c) She is caressing him.
(d) She is slapping him.

14. Kostka hopes that Ludvik will use his flat for what?
(a) "Something very clean."
(b) "Something really beautiful."
(c) "Something very laughable."
(d) "Something destructive."

15. What is the name of the woman who shaves Ludvik?
(a) Helena.
(b) Katka.
(c) Jana.
(d) Lucie.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the man Ludvik asks for at the booth at the gate of the hospital?

2. What was the last thing Ludvik said after leaving his meeting with the board?

3. What is Helena doing the evening of the beginning of part two?

4. Ludvik overhears his neighbors in the hotel as soon as he is settled in. What does he learn about the neighbors?

5. What did Zemanek say to Helena in the heat of an argument when their daughter was five?

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