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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the river in Moravia look like?
(a) It is full of fish.
(b) Crystal clear water.
(c) It has dried up completely.
(d) Viscous clay.

2. Zemanek and Helena were together for nearly two years when what happened?
(a) Helena became pregnant.
(b) Zemanek asked her to marry him.
(c) Zemanek was called before a committee and kept out of Helena's way.
(d) Helena was called before a committee and kept out of Zemanek's way.

3. What is the name of Helena's daughter?
(a) Zdena.
(b) Helena.
(c) Lucie.
(d) Marketa.

4. Where was Ludvik summoned the day after he returned to his post at University in his third year?
(a) Stalin's Command Center.
(b) The Party Pentagon.
(c) The Station of the League of Students.
(d) The District Party Headquarters.

5. Why is Helena going to Moravia?
(a) She made up a reason to get closer to Ludvik.
(b) To do a feature on the gallows.
(c) She made up a reason to get away from Ludvik.
(d) To do a feature on the Ride of the Kings.

6. What is the name of the narrator of the first section of the novel?
(a) Jaroslav.
(b) Helena.
(c) Milan.
(d) Ludvik.

7. Who said, "May melancholy never taint my name."?
(a) Stalin.
(b) Moravia.
(c) Fucik.
(d) Zedna.

8. Why was Ludvik summoned the day after he returned to his post at University in his third year?
(a) A promotion because of his loyalty.
(b) An inquiry about the quality of his work.
(c) An inquiry about the postcard he sent Marketa.
(d) A promotion because of his innovations.

9. What favor does Ludvik ask of Kostka?
(a) Ludvik asks Kostka to get him a job.
(b) Ludvik asks Kostka to use his flat.
(c) Ludvik asks Kostka to buy him dinner.
(d) Ludvik asks Kostka to lend him some clothes.

10. How does the narrator view the town square of his hometown after his long absence?
(a) He finds it charming.
(b) He finds it changed from his memory.
(c) He finds it unsightly.
(d) He finds it beautiful.

11. Ludvik asks Kostka for a recommendation for what service?
(a) Entertainment for the evening.
(b) A store that sells liquor.
(c) A decent dinner.
(d) A shave.

12. What is Helena doing the evening of the beginning of part two?
(a) Going to bed early.
(b) Staying up late to read.
(c) Mending clothes all night.
(d) Cleaning her house until the dawn.

13. What organ does Helena have trouble with, under the slightest bit of exertion?
(a) Her lungs.
(b) Her stomach.
(c) Her heart.
(d) Her brain.

14. What does Helena like about Ludvik?
(a) He is strange and mysterious.
(b) He is melancholy and artistic.
(c) He is normal and straightforward.
(d) He is changable.

15. What does Ludvik think of this woman's voice who shaved him?
(a) It is very soothing.
(b) It is the voice of a stranger.
(c) It is very formal and cold.
(d) It is the voice he recognizes most.

Short Answer Questions

1. Though Ludvik claims to not be a big lover of poetry, he carried three books of poetry with him. Who was the poet that authored these books?

2. After Ludvik's meeting with the board he is prompted by a Communist friend to go see who?

3. Who is Ludvik's first friend, or the person that sticks out most to him, in his group of black-insignias?

4. As the woman cleans Ludvik's face with a towel, what does Ludvik pretend?

5. Where is Marketa sent, at the end of her first year at university?

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