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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Six: Kostka.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the narrator doing when part four begins?
(a) Working.
(b) Eating.
(c) Daydreaming.
(d) Writing.

2. Why doesn't Lucie want to return to her father?
(a) He is in prison.
(b) He is an invalid and she doesn't want to care for him.
(c) He used to beat her.
(d) His new wife won't allow Lucie to stay with them.

3. After a disappointing leave in pursuit of the infamous 'Candlestick,' Ludvik decides the same weekend as Stana's wedding to go off on his own. Who does Ludvik meet this weekend?
(a) Candlestick, again.
(b) Marketa.
(c) Lucie.
(d) Pavel.

4. The only person Lucie related her past to is Kostka. Who is the only person Kostka told?
(a) Ludvik.
(b) The director of the state-farm.
(c) Marketa.
(d) Jaroslav.

5. What event brought Ludvik and Kostka together for their first conversation?
(a) Kostka stands up for Ludvik's intellectual freedom.
(b) Kostka stands up for Marketa.
(c) Ludvik stands up for Kostka's religious freedom.
(d) Ludvik stands up for Kostka's girlfriend.

Short Answer Questions

1. What organ does Helena have trouble with, under the slightest bit of exertion?

2. Where do Helena and Ludvik go after running around the woods and Helena sings, "Oh brightly shines the sun in our garden..."?

3. Kostka hopes that Ludvik will use his flat for what?

4. How many mothers sit in a semi-circle in the simulated baptism in part five?

5. Who at Helena's work station likes her?

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