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The mining town where Ludvik serves his sentence.


Ludvik and Jaroslav's hometown.


Ludvik attends this institution before his expulsion from the Party.

Radio station

This is where Helena works.

Prison Mines

Ludvik works here for 8 years after being expelled from the Party.

Ride of the Kings

A Moravian tradition with hazy roots. Jaroslav ascribes much importance to this particular tradition.

Costume of the King

This allows Jaroslav's son to deceive his father. Jaroslav believes his son is participating in a Moravian tradition, though it is an impostor.

Jindra's Prescription Pills

This is Helena's weapon of choice when she considers suicide.

Bouquet of Flowers

This is what Lucie brings Ludvik everyday that she visits him.

Lucie's Apartment

This is where Ludvik goes when he escapes from prison camp.

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