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Ostrava - The mining town where Ludvik serves his sentence.

Moravia - Ludvik and Jaroslav's hometown.

University - Ludvik attends this institution before his expulsion from the Party.

Radio station - This is where Helena works.

Prison Mines - Ludvik works here for 8 years after being expelled from the Party.

Ride of the Kings - A Moravian tradition with hazy roots. Jaroslav ascribes much importance to this particular tradition.

Costume of the King - This allows Jaroslav's son to deceive his father. Jaroslav believes his son is participating in a Moravian tradition, though it is an impostor.

Jindra's Prescription Pills - This is Helena's weapon of choice when she considers suicide.

Bouquet of Flowers - This is what Lucie brings Ludvik everyday that she visits him.

Lucie's Apartment - This is where Ludvik goes when he escapes from prison camp.

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