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Lesson 1 (from Part One: Ludvik)


Part One: Ludvik

"The Joke" by Milan Kundera is a novel about several relationships that occur in a politically charged time and space. This lesson explores this historical background of the novel.


1. Class Discussion: The novel takes place during a transition into a Communist culture. What do you know about Communism? Compile your ideas and impressions, and agree on an accurate definition of Communism.

2) Class Debate: Split the class into two sides. One argues for a Communist society and the other Capitalist.

3) Partnered Discussion: How do you think Milan Kundera's novel was received when it first came out? How long was it completed before it was published? What do you think made it deemed acceptable to finally be published?

4) Homework Journal: How much do you think the political climate truly affects the story of the characters in "The Joke"? Could this novel have been as...

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