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Hometown Sketch

Draw your interpretation of Moravia. What does the square look like? How big or small is it?

It's Tradition!

Make up a traditional festival for your hometown, Moravia, or a fictional hometown. What does it celebrate, who participates, and what do they do?

Make a Postcard

Design your own postcard. Don't forget to write your favorite classroom-appropriate joke on the back!

Folk Music

Research Moravian fold music. Bring in a sample to share with your classmates.

The Costume of the King on Project Runway

Using things you already own, design the Costume of the King. Have a fashion show to compare creations.

A Poem

Write a poem as if you are a character in "The Joke".

Education in Communism

Make an imaginary class schedule of a University student in the Communist regime. Though you know some classes, fill in the rest of the course load based...

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