The Joke Character Descriptions

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Ludvik Jahn

This character's life is changed when they choose to send a postcard to a romantic interest with a joke on the back.

Lucie Sebetka

This character was caught stealing flowers from a graveyard.

Helena Zamenek

This character works in radio and has dyed red hair, a round face and a gap between their front teeth.


This character is passionate about Moravian traditions and folk music.


This character was so devout in Christianity they had to volunteer to work in a farm in Ostrava in order to avoid religious persecution.


This character was kicked out of the Party because their father was considered a spy. Completely distrusted by everyone, this character commits suicide.


This is a very young character that works at the radio station and wears a motorcycle jacket.


This character blows off a place of honor in the Ride of...

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