The Johnstown Flood Character Descriptions

David McCullough
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Clara Barton

This person led a delegation of 50 doctors and nurses to care for victims of the flood.

The Rev. David Beale

This person is one of 264 refugees in Alma Hall who takes charge to prevent panic from survivors by leading them in prayer.

D. W. C. Bidwell

This person is one of the few club members present in Johnstown for Memorial Day celebrations and persuades people in South Fork that there is no imminent danger of a dam break.

Andrew Carnegie

This person overcomes a life of poverty and becomes a successful tycoon, and is in Paris at the time of the flood.

The Rev. H. L. Chapman

This person is a Blairsville native who served in many locations between Pittsburgh and Johnstown as a pastor whose church serves as a landmark.

Frank Deckert

This person first receives word of imminent trouble at South Fork Dam, and...

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