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1. Who was Gaius, and why was he assassinated, according to Section 1?

According to Section 1, Gaius, also called Caligula, was the emperor who had been psychologically unstable for approximately four years before his assassination for desecrating the Temple.

2. Where did Josephus study?

Josephus studied in a Jerusalem rabbinic school. He studied and lived with Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes for three years before returning to Jerusalem as a Pharisee at age 19.

3. Where did Josephus seek refuge and why?

Josephus sought refuge in the Temple to avoid being arrested and executed for colluding with Romans.

4. Who captured Josephus, and what did he prophesy?

Josephus was captured by the Romans, who planned to send him to Nero, until he prophesied that Vespasian, the Roman commander would become emperor.

5. Who was considered traitorous by the Jews?

Josephus was considered traitorous by the Jews. He accompanied Vespasian and Titus on their campaign to Alexandria, Rome, and Jerusalem.

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