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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did John do with a few men and a zealot?
(a) Hid in the Temple.
(b) Broke Roman's lines.
(c) Seized the Temple's inner court.
(d) Took the lower Temple.

2. What did banning sacrifices for Caesar and Rome mean for Jerusalem?
(a) More money to give to the Temple.
(b) More money for the army.
(c) More money for the poor.
(d) War was inevitable.

3. When did word that Antiochus and his son Epiphanes were revolting against Rome reach Vespasian?
(a) During his 4th year of Reign.
(b) During his 6th year of Reign.
(c) During his7th year of Reign.
(d) During his 5th year of Reign.

4. How old was Flavius Josephus when he returned home after his studies?
(a) 28 years old.
(b) 20 years old.
(c) 19 years old.
(d) 16 years old.

5. What did the defenders of Gamala do after the city fell to the Romans?
(a) Jumped in the ravine with their families.
(b) Plead for clemency.
(c) Went to pray at the Temple.
(d) Drank poison.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who conspired with Brutus to kill Caesar?

2. What did Caesar forbid his troops from doing when entering Jerusalem?

3. Where did Flavius Josephus live?

4. What did Flavius Josephus do to terrify the crowd?

5. What province did the Romans fail to control, despite the taking of Jerusalem, in Section 10?

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