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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose son was John the bandit?
(a) Levi's.
(b) Simon's.
(c) Claudius's.
(d) Tyre's.

2. How many parts of Galilee were assigned to Flavius Josephus?
(a) 2.
(b) 5.
(c) 6.
(d) 3.

3. What happened to the first Roman soldier to climb the wall of Jerusalem?
(a) He was rewarded by Caesar.
(b) He took Simon prisoner.
(c) He was hailed as a hero by the Jews.
(d) He fell down and was killed.

4. What did the inhabitants of Jerusalem want to do to Flavius Josephus?
(a) Put him on trial.
(b) Bring him inside the city.
(c) Imprison him.
(d) Put him on the rack.

5. What did Flavius Josephus decide to do?
(a) To stay in the town and fight.
(b) To try to flee the city.
(c) To fake his death.
(d) To surrender to the Romans.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which Roman commander defeated the Jewish army, despite being outnumbered?

2. What did Titus claim on top of Antonia?

3. What made Jerusalem's wall collapse?

4. What was Vespasian's title in Judea?

5. What did the Roman soldiers do to the people fleeing Jerusalem?

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