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Section 1

• Section 1 introduces Flavius Josephus, a trained Jewish Rabbi that lived from 37 A.D. to the late 90s A.D.

• Flavius Josephus was the son of Matthias.

• Caligula was ruling Rome when Flavius Josephus was born.
• Caligula was assassinated after desecrating a Temple.

• Flavius Josephus was educated in a Jerusalem rabbinical school.

• Flavius Josephus left Jerusalem for Rome at age 26 and returned to Jerusalem in 66 A.D.
• Flavius Josephus was made commander of the Galilee region.

• Flavius Josephus was captured when the Romans invaded Galilee.

• Flavius Josephus foresaw that Vespasian would become emperor and was given property and Roman citizenship by Vespasian.

Section 2

• According to Section 2, John Hyrcanus was the ruler of Jerusalem and died after 31 years of prosperous rule.

• John Hyrcanus's son Aristobulus took power, killed his eldest brother, and imprisoned his 3 other brothers and his mother.

• Aristobulus's widow released his brothers and mother.

• Alexander, the oldest...

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