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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Sister Ludmilla say Hari was the first time she met him?
(a) Ill in the hospital.
(b) In the back room of a museum.
(c) Passed out near the river.
(d) On her couch after a fight.

2. Why does Lady Chatterjee say she avoided talking about the "Sanctuary" with Robert?
(a) He didn't understand it.
(b) It was for women only.
(c) He disapproved of it.
(d) Daphne asked her to keep it secret.

3. In "MacGregor House," why does Lady Chatterjee say several Indians were arrested?
(a) Rape.
(b) The election of a new president.
(c) A vote in Congress.
(d) A crime spree.

4. What does Miss Crane do at the end of "Miss Crane"?
(a) Sells her car.
(b) Leaves the hospital.
(c) Goes to sleep.
(d) Packs up a picture.

5. After Gandhi is arrested, how do the schoolchildren get home?
(a) They walk home.
(b) Miss Crane pays a bus driver to take them home.
(c) Miss Crane drives them home herself.
(d) They spend the night at school instead of going home.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Miss Crane," why does the author mention The Bibighar Gardens?

2. Why is Sister Ludmilla called "sister"?

3. In "Miss Crane," how many teachers are at the Dibrapur school?

4. What does Lady Chatterjee say her first impression of Miss Crane was?

5. What does Mr. Chaudhuri suggest when Miss Crane sees a group of men in the road?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Lady Chatterjee reveal her character when she tells the story of visiting Miss Crane in the hospital?

2. How does Sister Ludmilla say she met Hari?

3. What does "The Jewel in the Crown" mean to Miss Crane?

4. Why does Sister Ludmilla say Hari went with the police?

5. In "Sister Ludmilla," what does Sister Ludmilla reveal about Hari's relationship with Daphne?

6. What does Merrick do when he visits the Sanctuary?

7. How does Lady Chatterjee say she was treated when Daphne moved in with her?

8. What does Lady Chatterjee say happened when she visited with Miss Crane after she was released from the hospital?

9. What is a suttee?

10. In "MacGregor House," what does Daphne write to her aunt?

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