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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lady Chatterjee say she saw when she visited Miss Crane after she was out of the hospital?
(a) Unread mail on the table.
(b) Dark spots on her walls.
(c) Holes in the floor.
(d) Broken glass near the window.

2. Why is Gandhi arrested in "Miss Crane"?
(a) He forms his own army.
(b) He breaks the assembly law.
(c) He votes in favor of Indians.
(d) Congress votes against Britain.

3. How did Miss Crane end up in India?
(a) She was just taking a vacation.
(b) She was pregnant and had to leave home.
(c) She came with her employer.
(d) She was sent by the government.

4. Why does Lady Chatterjee say the head nurse at the hospital was surprised to see her visiting Miss Crane?
(a) She had been fighting with Miss Crane.
(b) Miss Crane requested no visitors.
(c) It was against the rules.
(d) It was after hours.

5. In "MacGregor House," why does Lady Chatterjee say she visited Miss Crane after she was out of the hospital?
(a) To see if she needed help.
(b) To clean her house.
(c) To take her to work.
(d) To gossip about their neighbors.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is said to haunt the MacGregor House?

2. What type of accent does Sister Ludmilla have?

3. In "Sister Ludmilla," why does Hari agree to go to the police station?

4. Whom does Sister Ludmilla hire to protect her?

5. How does Mr. Chaudhuri die?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Sister Ludmilla describe Daphne in "Sister Ludmilla"?

2. What does "The Jewel in the Crown" mean to Miss Crane?

3. What does Merrick do when he visits the Sanctuary?

4. What does Sister Ludmilla give as possible reasons for the house to burn at Bibighar Gardens?

5. What role does Sister Ludmilla play at the Sanctuary?

6. What is Miss Crane's relationship with Mr. Chaudhuri?

7. In "Miss Crane," what happens to the picture of Ghandi?

8. In "Sister Ludmilla," what does Sister Ludmilla reveal about Hari's relationship with Daphne?

9. How does Sister Ludmilla say she met Hari?

10. What happens to Miss Crane while driving from Kotari to Mayapore in "Miss Crane"?

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