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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Hari's father changed his last name to _________.
(a) Kumish.
(b) Crooner.
(c) Coomer.
(d) Kunar.

2. In "Young Kumar," how does Colin feel about joining the army?
(a) He admits he only did it to avoid going to jail.
(b) He is ashamed of joining.
(c) He admits he only did it to travel.
(d) He is proud of it.

3. How does Hari know Colin Lindsey?
(a) Through his school.
(b) Through work.
(c) They are cousins.
(d) Through his church.

4. Who invited Mr. Srinivasan to the club for the first time in "An Evening at the Club"?
(a) A member of the Indian army.
(b) Robin White.
(c) Lady Chatterjee.
(d) He went by himself.

5. When did Hari's mother die?
(a) When Hari was an infant.
(b) After Hair graduated from school.
(c) When Hari started high school.
(d) When Hari was in grammar school.

6. How is Reid's assignment changed in "Civil and Military"?
(a) He is transferred to China.
(b) He is given a desk job.
(c) He is made supervisor.
(d) He is given a more active role in World War II.

7. What do Mr. Srinivasan and Lady Chatterjee do after finishing dinner in "An Evening at the Club"?
(a) Take the visitor to the theater.
(b) Return to Lady Chatterjee's house.
(c) Sit in the lounge to have drinks.
(d) Take the visitor on a tour.

8. How does Mr. Srinivasan say he learned that Hari was going to be questioned by the police?
(a) Hari wrote him a letter from jail.
(b) He was asked to do the questioning.
(c) He didn't find out until after the questioning happened.
(d) Sister Ludmilla told him.

9. How are the Indians who go to Gymkhana Club described?
(a) Aging professionals.
(b) Beautiful women.
(c) Military men.
(d) Young businessmen.

10. When does Mr. Srinivasan say he first met Hari?
(a) When Hari was a child.
(b) When Hari met Daphne.
(c) When Hari was questioned by police.
(d) When Hair came to the club.

11. How did Hari's father die?
(a) Murder.
(b) Disease.
(c) He committed suicide.
(d) A car accident.

12. In "An Evening at the Club," how does Lady Chatterjee feel about the removal of the British authorities?
(a) She says she can't make up her mind yet.
(b) She says she misses the British influence.
(c) She doesn't share her opinion.
(d) She says she is glad the British are gone.

13. Why is Vidyasagar arrested?
(a) For acting without orders.
(b) They assume he broke his rank.
(c) They assume he is an insurgent.
(d) For running away from his duties.

14. Where does the narrator say Hari's father gained his wealth?
(a) The United States.
(b) England.
(c) France.
(d) India.

15. Why does Hari say he was denied the job during his first interview in "Young Kumar"?
(a) He spoke with an accent.
(b) His lack of education.
(c) He is Indian.
(d) His father's reputation was not good.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Civil and Military," why does Robin White say his memory of India may be poor?

2. In "Young Kumar," to whom does Hari give most of his earnings?

3. What does Reid first suggest to Robin White in "Civil and Military"?

4. In "Young Kumar," what does the narrator say Hari's father's inheritance was contingent upon?

5. Why is Mr. Srinivasan described as being a non-military Indian?

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