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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sister Ludmilla says her mother always gave money to ____________.
(a) The arts.
(b) Herself.
(c) Nuns.
(d) Men.

2. How does Sister Ludmilla treat beggars?
(a) She bakes them cakes and muffins.
(b) She gives them money.
(c) She takes them to jail.
(d) She ignores them.

3. In "Miss Crane," what is The Indian Congress considering?
(a) Passing laws to tax education.
(b) Forcing the British out.
(c) Hiring only British workers.
(d) Firing female teachers.

4. When does Lady Chatterjee say Robert told her about his proposal to Daphne?
(a) Before they learn of her rape.
(b) He doesn't tell her, but Hari does.
(c) He doesn't tell her, but Daphne does.
(d) After they learn of her rape.

5. After Gandhi is arrested, how do the schoolchildren get home?
(a) They spend the night at school instead of going home.
(b) Miss Crane pays a bus driver to take them home.
(c) They walk home.
(d) Miss Crane drives them home herself.

6. How did Miss Crane end up in India?
(a) She was pregnant and had to leave home.
(b) She was just taking a vacation.
(c) She came with her employer.
(d) She was sent by the government.

7. Why does Lady Chatterjee say she avoided talking about the "Sanctuary" with Robert?
(a) He disapproved of it.
(b) It was for women only.
(c) Daphne asked her to keep it secret.
(d) He didn't understand it.

8. What position does Miss Crane hold at her school?
(a) Assistant teacher.
(b) Principal.
(c) Head teacher.
(d) Superintendent.

9. In the painting called "The Jewel in the Crown," what do the Indians do?
(a) Yard work.
(b) Sleep.
(c) Serve the queen.
(d) Offer gifts.

10. In "Sister Ludmilla," why does Hari agree to go to the police station?
(a) To take a lie detector test.
(b) To hear his rights.
(c) To make a statement.
(d) To participate in a line up.

11. How does Lady Chatterjee describe her relationship with Parvati?
(a) She says Parvati is her servant.
(b) She says Parvati is her great-niece.
(c) She says Parvati is her friend.
(d) She says Parvati is her ward.

12. Why does Lady Chatterjee say she respected Miss Crane?
(a) Because of her education.
(b) Because of her faith.
(c) Because of her courage.
(d) Because of her physical strength.

13. Why does Miss Crane fear looters?
(a) For her own safety.
(b) She values order in society.
(c) For the safety of the Indians.
(d) They may send her home.

14. What does Sister Ludmilla say about Hari on the night of Daphne's rape?
(a) He was in jail.
(b) He was said to have been out of town.
(c) He was helping her with her wards.
(d) He didn't come to the sanctuary.

15. What does Sister Ludmilla do for a living?
(a) Teacher.
(b) Caretaker.
(c) Politician.
(d) Surgeon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Lady Chatterjee say the head nurse at the hospital was surprised to see her visiting Miss Crane?

2. How does Mr. Chaudhuri die?

3. Why does Sister Ludmilla say Merrick once told her to keep everyone on lock down at the Sanctuary?

4. Why is Gandhi arrested in "Miss Crane"?

5. What does Lady Chatterjee say her first impression of Miss Crane was?

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