The Jewel in the Crown Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does the author reveal about this novel in the first few paragraphs of "Miss Crane"?

The author reveals that this novel is the story of a rape. He doesn't say who is raped or when, but he gives a location and introduces several characters that are related to the crime, but not described in detail.

2. Why is Miss Crane in India?

Miss Crane came to India because she worked as a caretaker for the children of wealthy British citizens. She later started teaching in India, and now she is the superintendent of a group of Protestant schools there.

3. In "Miss Crane," what happens to the picture of Ghandi?

Miss Crane has a picture of Ghandi on her wall that she takes down when World War II starts. She doesn't destroy the painting, but she just doesn't want to feel like she is supporting Ghandi. She believes that Ghandi is inviting the Japanese to invade India by forcing the British out.

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