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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sister Ludmilla.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Sister Ludmilla took Hari to the Sanctuary, who does she say came looking for him?
(a) A private investigator.
(b) Ronald.
(c) Miss Crane.
(d) Daphne.

2. What does Lady Chatterjee say she saw when she visited Miss Crane after she was out of the hospital?
(a) Dark spots on her walls.
(b) Unread mail on the table.
(c) Broken glass near the window.
(d) Holes in the floor.

3. Why does Miss Crane dislike Mr. Chaudhuri?
(a) His lack of professionalism.
(b) His cold behavior.
(c) His rudeness to her.
(d) His poverty.

4. Why does Lady Chatterjee say the head nurse at the hospital was surprised to see her visiting Miss Crane?
(a) Miss Crane requested no visitors.
(b) It was against the rules.
(c) She had been fighting with Miss Crane.
(d) It was after hours.

5. Where does Lady Chatterjee say Daphne Manners went with Hari their first time in public?
(a) A cafe.
(b) A library.
(c) A temple.
(d) A government building.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the police try to stop Miss Crane from driving from Kotari to Mayapore?

2. What does Sister Ludmilla say about Daphne's behavior after her rape?

3. After Gandhi is arrested, how do the schoolchildren get home?

4. What does Lady Chatterjee say made her husband special?

5. How does the Rajput class compare to others in India?

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