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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sister Ludmilla.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The crowds in Dibrapur protest because of ___________.
(a) Their poverty.
(b) A lack of education.
(c) Taxation.
(d) A takeover of public buildings.

2. How does the Rajput class compare to others in India?
(a) It is high-ranking.
(b) It is low-ranking.
(c) It is middle-ranking.
(d) It is the lowest class.

3. On the night of Daphne's rape, why does Lady Chatterjee say Robert came to her house?
(a) He heard of the rape.
(b) He didn't come to Lady Chatterjee's house.
(c) He was worried about political unrest.
(d) He was hiding from enemies.

4. What does Lady Chatterjee say she saw when she visited Miss Crane after she was out of the hospital?
(a) Dark spots on her walls.
(b) Broken glass near the window.
(c) Unread mail on the table.
(d) Holes in the floor.

5. What does Mr. Chaudhuri do to make sure Miss Crane is safe when she drives from Kotari and Mayapore?
(a) He has someone drive ahead of her.
(b) He sends a police escort.
(c) He tunes up her car.
(d) He goes with her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Miss Crane said to have done to the men looting the town?

2. What does the narrator say happened to the house at Bibighar Gardens?

3. In "MacGregor House," how does Daphne Manners try to make friends?

4. Lady Chatterjee compares the "Sanctuary" to _____________.

5. In "Miss Crane," what is The Indian Congress considering?

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