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British-controlled India - This is the social norm for the majority of this novel. It leads to tensions among the characters and social groups.

Mayapore - This is the seat of government for a district that includes several smaller towns.

Chillianwallah Bagh - This is the relatively modern section of town where Indians of more comfortable means live.

Bibighar Gardens - This is where a house once stood that was burned down by its owner.

MacGregor House - This is the large house that Lady Chatterjee lives in.

The Cantonment - This is the section of Mayapore where the British and other European residents live.

The Sanctuary - This is a facility for dying Indians run by Sister Ludmilla.

Dibrapur - This is a small town where violence first flares up in this novel.

The Hindu Temple - This is where Daphne says she had her last...

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