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Lesson 1 (from Miss Crane)


Miss Crane

The author reveals the plot of the novel within the first few paragraphs. However, he doesn't give too many details. The objective of this lesson is to analyze this technique of previewing.


1) Class Discussion: How does the author begin this novel? What do you know will happen in the novel? What details does the author leave out? Which characters are introduced? How does Miss Crane fit in with this story? How does the author make this connection? How much time does the author devote to describing future events in the novel? How does he transition into the storyline of "Miss Crane"? When does the story in this chapter appear to occur in relation to the ending the author reveals? How can you tell?

2) Think-Pair-Share: Each student will make a list of the benefits and downsides of revealing the plot of the entire novel...

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