The Jewel in the Crown Character Descriptions

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Daphne Manners

Since this character is the niece of a former governor of India, she is treated respectfully in India. However, people gossip about her personal life.

Hari Kumar

This character who is raised comfortably in England lives in India with his aunt until his arrest.

Lady Lili Chatterjee

This character is an Indian who has a certain amount of prestige among the British authorities in Mayapore. However, this individual is still excluded from some places and functions.

The English Visitor

This character is writing a book and is investigating the incident at the Bibighar Gardens.

Ronald Merrick

This character is the District Superintendent of Police for the Mayapore district. He may have planted evidence in order to arrest a man.

Sister Ludmilla

This character dresses like a nun but is not one. She runs a facility called the Sanctuary, where she cares for dying Indians.

Edwina Crane

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