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Miss Crane

• Miss Crane is a superintendent of a group of Protestant schools in India.

• Miss Crane is a British citizen who came to India as a caretaker of children.

• Miss Crane supports and is sympathetic with the Indian people.

• Miss Crane drives through potentially dangerous areas to help her students.

• Miss Crane's car is attacked by looters, and one of her teachers is killed.

MacGregor House

• Lady Chatterjee, the current resident of MacGregor House, is interviewed by a British stranger.

• Lady Chatterjee explains her relationship with Miss Crane and how it grew to be a fond one.

• Lady Chatterjee talks about how Daphne moved in with her and her relationship with Robert, which includes a marriage proposal.

• Daphne is raped and returns home late that night, according to Lady Chatterjee.

• Miss Crane commits suicide.

Sister Ludmilla

• Sister Ludmilla describes her role at Sanctuary.

• Sister Ludmilla says she...

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