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Philip Yancey
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Short Answer Questions

1. According to Yancey, what is the primary emotion in most religions when one approaches God?

2. What does the author M. Scott Peck try to bring about?

3. When does Joseph bring his family to Israel?

4. Where did Yancey grow up?

5. What does Antiochus try to do to the Jews?

Short Essay Questions

1. What experience did Yancey have that began to change his understanding of Jesus?

2. What does Yancey say is the true meaning of Christmas?

3. What does Yancey discover as he begins to study the Jesus of the Gospels?

4. What does Jesus change about the way people worship?

5. Why does Yancey find the Beatitudes so difficult?

6. What did the students at Texas A & M think of the Beatitudes?

7. What is Yancey's purpose in writing The Jesus I Thought I Knew?

8. What does Yancey do with the extremism of Jesus?

9. How does the gospel of Matthew open and what is the importance of that?

10. What is it that restores Jesus's humanity for Yancey?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What are the basic characteristics of the sub-groups within the Jewish culture: Essenes, Zealots, Sadducees, and Pharisees?

Describe each and what part they played in the culture of Jesus's day.

Essay Topic 2

What did Jesus mean by the term "my kingdom"? How does Yancey see the Kingdom of God as different from national or political entities? What does Yancey believe the kingdom of God means?

Essay Topic 3

Why is it important for Christians to acknowledge the Jewish roots of Jesus? What might have been different over the past 2000 years if Jesus had been identified more strongly as a Jewish rabbi?

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