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Philip Yancey
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Yancey say about human preoccupation with the "end times"?
(a) Jesus never promises an end time.
(b) Many ages and eras have believed the end was near.
(c) The disciples were the last to think about the end times.
(d) Now is the only time the concept of end times has appeared.

2. What did Constantine do that changed Christianity forever?
(a) Wrote a treatise on why Christ matters.
(b) Made Sunday the Sabbath.
(c) Legalized it and made it a state subsidized religion.
(d) Forced Europeans to accept Christ.

3. Who were the first witnesses to the resurrection?
(a) Apostle Paul.
(b) John and Judas.
(c) The women who went to the tomb.
(d) Passing children.

4. What does a leper in Jesus's time have to call out?
(a) "Make way!"
(b) "Leprosy!"
(c) "Unclean!"
(d) "Help!"

5. Where is the opening quote of Chapter 8 from?
(a) The Merchant of Venice.
(b) Mission: Impossible.
(c) Gospel of Matthew.
(d) Peter's letter to the Epistles.

6. How do traditional Jews say the name of God?
(a) They do not say it.
(b) Jehovah.
(c) God Almighty.
(d) Yahweh.

7. What do the angels say to the disciples on the day of Ascension?
(a) "Hail, full of Grace, be at peace."
(b) "Fear not, the Lord is with you."
(c) "Why do you stand here looking into the sky?"
(d) "He is not here. He has risen."

8. Yancey says that by ascending Jesus took the risk of what?
(a) Not making a difference in the world.
(b) Being forgotten.
(c) Allowing Satan to rule.
(d) Never returning.

9. What leader beheads John the Baptist?
(a) Julius Caesar.
(b) Pontius PIlate.
(c) Sanhedrin.
(d) Herod.

10. What do the Pharisees think of Jesus?
(a) Uncouth.
(b) Wise.
(c) True leader.
(d) Deeply intellectual.

11. Why does Yancey like the concept of God's law?
(a) Law is solid ground.
(b) Law can be interpreted clearly.
(c) Under law, he knows where he ranks.
(d) Love is too vague to live by.

12. What does Mother Teresa try to provide for leprosy patients?
(a) Drugs and x-rays.
(b) An easy death.
(c) Separation from society.
(d) A place where they feel wanted.

13. How is God's kingdom different than a human kingdom, according to Yancey in Chapter 13?
(a) It is bigger.
(b) It lives and grows on the inside of human beings.
(c) God is the king in his kingdom.
(d) We can't know the answer to that.

14. What does the priest give out to everyone at the Greek Orthodox Easter service?
(a) Three eggs.
(b) Greek Bibles.
(c) Memorial coins.
(d) An empty cross.

15. Who killed the kitten?
(a) Wild foxes.
(b) Veterinarian.
(c) Pugs, the Boston Terrier.
(d) Rooster.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do modern Christians call the final week of Jesus?

2. Who is it that has applied the most layers of dirt and grime on Jesus?

3. What is unusual about the disease of leprosy?

4. What does Yancey say is the message of Jesus's miracles?

5. Who defends Jesus at his trials?

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