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Philip Yancey
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does a leper in Jesus's time have to call out?
(a) "Unclean!"
(b) "Leprosy!"
(c) "Help!"
(d) "Make way!"

2. What was Jesus's first miracle?
(a) Turning water into wine.
(b) Feeding of the 5000.
(c) Resurrection.
(d) Raising Lazarus from the dead.

3. What does Jesus do at the last supper that Yancey finds surprising?
(a) Gives a speech.
(b) Washes his disciples' feet.
(c) Sits with Mary.
(d) Paints a picture of heaven.

4. Why has the name Judas died out?
(a) Sounds like a girl's name.
(b) He was a notorious traitor.
(c) Too close to "Jesus."
(d) Reminds people of money lending.

5. What does Mother Teresa try to provide for leprosy patients?
(a) An easy death.
(b) Drugs and x-rays.
(c) Separation from society.
(d) A place where they feel wanted.

6. What is a basic reason Yancey is open to believing the Easter story?
(a) Most people do believe it.
(b) It has lasted 2000 years.
(c) It is based in proven fact.
(d) He wants it to be true.

7. What do 1st century Jews and modern evangelical Christians have in common?
(a) Same determination to be right.
(b) Both want a conquering hero as Messiah.
(c) Used the scriptures as a guide.
(d) They have nothing in common.

8. What worries Yancey about modern Christians and politicians?
(a) Politicians don't realize how powerful Christians are.
(b) Christians should run for office more often.
(c) Everyone should be voting for Christian politicians.
(d) Christians are courted by savvy politicians.

9. What does the Bible say about why Judas betrayed Jesus?
(a) Satan entered him.
(b) He wanted to be Jesus.
(c) He wanted money.
(d) Jealousy was in him.

10. What did Constantine do that changed Christianity forever?
(a) Legalized it and made it a state subsidized religion.
(b) Made Sunday the Sabbath.
(c) Wrote a treatise on why Christ matters.
(d) Forced Europeans to accept Christ.

11. What is Zacchaeus's profession?
(a) Tax collector.
(b) Rabbi.
(c) Barber.
(d) Politician.

12. What miracle makes it into all four gospels?
(a) Healing Jaipur's daughter.
(b) Feeding the crowd of 5000.
(c) Healing the blind man.
(d) Raising Lazarus.

13. What does Jesus ask of God in his final prayers?
(a) Lift me immediately to heaven.
(b) Take this cup from me.
(c) Give me the power to vanquish Herod.
(d) Kill Pontius Pilate so I won't be hurt.

14. What temptation has the church faced since the time of Constantine?
(a) Being too much a part of the mainstream powers.
(b) Supporting unjust regimes.
(c) Being the morals police of society.
(d) Having too much money.

15. What miracle is the last great "sign"?
(a) Holy Spirit.
(b) Raising Lazarus.
(c) Ascension.
(d) Resurrection.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Martin Luther encourage his students to do?

2. Where does Shusaku Endo grow up?

3. Yancey says that by ascending Jesus took the risk of what?

4. Who killed the kitten?

5. What does Surgeon General Koop say the new leprosy is?

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