The Jesus I Never Knew Short Essay - Answer Key

Philip Yancey
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1. Where did Philip Yancey first become acquainted with the stories of Jesus?

Yancey grew up in a conservative Southern church where Jesus was shared in Sunday school. He associated Jesus with Kool-Aid, sugar cookies, and everything sweet and nice.

2. What experience did Yancey have that began to change his understanding of Jesus?

The 1960s burst forth in his life with all kinds of Jesus Freaks and movies about the actual Jesus. For instance, The Gospel According to St. Matthew, a movie by an Italian filmmaker, Pasolini, showed quite a different portrayal of Jesus than the one Yancey had been taught in his Sunday school classes.

3. What is Yancey's purpose in writing The Jesus I Thought I Knew?

Yancey wants to find what he believes is a more authentic Jesus, based upon the historical documents of the New Testament. Like an art restorer, he wants to clear away the dust and grime that centuries of believers have laid across the actual events of Jesus's life on earth.

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