Daily Lessons for Teaching The Jesus I Never Knew

Philip Yancey
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Lesson 1

Objective: Part 1, Who He Was: Chapter 1, The Jesus I Thought I Knew The objective of the first lesson will be to introduce the students to the author, Phillip Yancey and place this book in context. Yancey is a Christian apologist who writes about theology and strives to create a consistent belief system. Today will be an introduction to this type of writing (theological) and to the idea of what it means to be an apologist.

1. Opening introduction to the book: Begin by discussing what theology is. Theo (God) ology (talk about) is quite simply a term used to discuss ideas and beliefs about God. Yancey is one of the most popular (14 million books sold) modern theologians. His belief system is Christian. In theological writing he is considered to be an apologist. An apologist is not apologizing. The term means that he is writing with the aim of...

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