The Jesus I Never Knew Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Philip Yancey
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Part 1, Who He Was: Chapter 1, The Jesus I Thought I Knew

• The book, The Jesus I Never Knew, is an attempt to present an unbiased, facts-only look at the historical Jesus Christ.

• Yancey was raised in a Christian context and first understood Jesus to be a comforter and teacher.

• Gradually his interest and belief in Jesus changes and fades as he becomes more educated and exposed to different points of view.
• In 1971, Yancey first views the film The Gospel According to St. Matthew, which causes him to radically reassess the Jesus he was taught to believe in as a child.

• Whether or not one believes in Jesus, there is no question that Jesus is central to understanding our western history.

• It is difficult for modern men to get an idea of who exactly Jesus is, and yet Yancey believes God's wants Jesus to be analyzed and scrutinized by...

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