The Italians Character Descriptions

Luigi Barzini, Jr.
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The Italians

These characters are a diverse group of people united as people of all countries are in their common language, food, customs, religion and general way of life.

Italian Women

These characters are thought to be especially beautiful and pursued by tourists and residents with the same fervor.

Baddassar Castiglione

This character was an Italian author who, in 1528, wrote THE BOOK OF THE COURTIER which provides advice on how to behave properly in all situations.

Giacomo Casanova

This character was an eighteenth century Venetian author and adventurer whose charms and illusions with women earned him the title of the world's greatest lover.

Alessandro di Cagliostro

This character was one of the most famous charlatans of all time. He was an occultist who traveled widely and became involved in the affair of the necklace, a crime involving Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France, and Cardinal de Rohan, a...

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