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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What prevented Signora Bianchi from telling Ellena about her family?
(a) A sign from God.
(b) A bribe from Vivaldi's parents.
(c) Her death.
(d) A pact with Count di Bruno.

2. What does Schedoni learn was the fate of the village of the Barone di Cambrusca?
(a) It was destroyed by a flood.
(b) It became the richest village in Italy.
(c) It was burned down by rebels.
(d) It was destroyed in an earthquake.

3. Why is Schedoni taken into custody at the end of Chapter 28?
(a) He speaks blasphemy.
(b) For further questioning.
(c) He verbally berates the tribunal.
(d) He tries to escape.

4. What information does the tribunal want from the mysterious monk in Chapter 28?
(a) Ellena's location.
(b) The monk's identity and proof of his statement.
(c) His hometown.
(d) His religious beliefs.

5. What causes Ellena to consider relinquishing the world to join the convent in Chapter 25?
(a) A chance to sing in their choir.
(b) Dismay at the Marchesa di Vivaldi's character.
(c) Fear of abuse by Vivaldi.
(d) A letter Sister Olivia wrote her.

6. What does Ellena worry Vivaldi has done at the start of Chapter 30?
(a) Yielded to his parents' demands and forgotten her.
(b) Been placed in slavery.
(c) Been shipped to Jerusalem.
(d) Confessed her whereabouts.

7. Who helps dispel Olivia's despondency in Chapter 30?
(a) A beggar on the road.
(b) A street preacher.
(c) The abbess and nuns of Santa Maria della Pieta.
(d) Vivaldi.

8. What realization does Schedoni come to that causes him agony and remorse?
(a) Ellena has killed his dog.
(b) He has lost all his money.
(c) Ellena has committed suicide.
(d) He believes he is Ellena's father.

9. What is the only way Vivaldi claims to know Schedoni in Chapter 28?
(a) As a servant.
(b) As a musical star.
(c) As a monk.
(d) Through a friend.

10. In Chapter 21, what does Schedoni resolve to do for fear of being questioned by the Marchesa di Vivaldi?
(a) Marry Vivaldi and Ellena secretly.
(b) Murder Ellena.
(c) Change his identity.
(d) Commit suicide.

11. What does Spaltaro allow Ellena to do before dinner?
(a) Pray in a chapel.
(b) Walk on the beach.
(c) Take a bath.
(d) Write to Vivaldi.

12. Whose trial is Vivaldi called to testify in, at the start of Chapter 29?
(a) His mother's.
(b) Nicola's.
(c) Ellena's.
(d) Schedoni's.

13. The monk discusses a confession with Vivaldi in Vivaldi's cell in Chapter 25. Where is that confession made?
(a) A cave in the hills.
(b) Vivaldi's hometown.
(c) The church in Santa Maria dell Pieta.
(d) A police station.

14. Who does the monk tell Vivaldi to summon during the trial?
(a) The spirit of God.
(b) Ellena.
(c) The Marchesa di Vivaldi.
(d) Father Ansaldo.

15. Where are Vivaldi and Paulo taken at the beginning of Chapter 17?
(a) To a local inn.
(b) Vivaldi's home.
(c) The jail at St. Peters.
(d) The courthouse.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ellena feel about Sister Olivia of San Stefano in Chapter 25?

2. Why is Ellena overjoyed with Schedoni in Chapter 23?

3. What does the guide tell them about the deserted village in Chapter 22?

4. Who does Ellena think saved her from Spaltaro?

5. What does Schedoni do every time the guide mentions Spalatro?

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