The Island, by Athol Fugard Fun Activities

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Draw a Picture

Draw a picture of John and Winston from The Island.

Write a Poem

Write a poem about Winston and John’s life in prison.

Movie Cast

Create a movie cast for a film of The Island. Select famous actors/actresses to play each character. Write a short explanation of why you chose each actor.


Make a list of 5-7 songs you would use in a soundtrack for a movie based on The Island. Include an explanation of what scene each song would accompany and why.

Crossword Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle for The Island. Include a minimum of 10 symbols and character names from the book.

Book Review

Write a one-page book review for The Island.

Write a Journal Entry

Imagine John or Winston kept a journal. Write 3 journal entries for either character. Write an entry for 3 significant scenes in the story.

Paint a Picture

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