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The Everhard Manuscript

This document is the main body of the narrative composed of personal memoir of Avis Everhard, political manifesto of the Revolution, hagiography of Ernest Everhard and a futuristic perspective from Anthony Meredith.

The Footnotes

This document is written from the perspective of the future of Anthony Meredith and appears patronizing and judgmental in many ways.

Socialism, Fascism

These are the two opposing philosophies of the Worker's Revolution. The first philosophy argues that humanity should work together for the good of all humanity while the second belief tries to maintain the privileged class and its advantageous position politically and economically.

The Oligarchy, the Proletariat

These are the two opposing sides in the workers revolution. The first group is composed of rich, self-serving businessmen while the second group is composed of members of the labor movement.

The Iron Heel

This is the name Everhard gives to the...

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