The Iron Heel Character Descriptions

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Avis Everhard

This is the principal character from whose perspective the story is told - from a childhood of privilege to an adult life working as a revolutionary for workers.

Ernest Everhard

This is the spouse of the principal character who is strong-willed, highly intelligent and articulate, and both physically and mentally powerful.

Dr. Cunningham, Bishop Morehouse

Both of these characters attend a party that awakens social awareness. The first character is a well known scientist who is the father of the protagonist and later disappears while the second character is a Christian minister whose body is seen among slaughtered remains in the Chicago Commune.


This character is a worker in a factory that the Christian minister has profitable shares in, and triggers change and transformation in other characters.

The Philomaths

This is a segment of the ruling class that prides itself on a certain degree of...

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