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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Aubrey do when Maturin is not at the rendezvous point?
(a) Sends a foraging party to shore.
(b) Starts some music on the ship.
(c) Catches up on paperwork.
(d) Goes looking for an old lover.

2. What ship is Aubrey given command of when Thornton heads for home?
(a) Surprise.
(b) Dryad.
(c) Prometheus.
(d) Excellent.

3. What does Aubrey not like about Mustapha's ambitions?
(a) They are violent.
(b) They are weak.
(c) They are forgettable.
(d) They are personal.

4. Why is Thornton angry with Aubrey when he returns to the blockade?
(a) He was late returning.
(b) He violated neutrality rules.
(c) He did not engage the French.
(d) He tried to rile up the French.

5. What does the Worcester do when the French break through the blockade?
(a) Sends a message.
(b) Fires on them.
(c) Gathers armaments.
(d) Gives chase.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Davis's first name?

2. Who represents Sciahan when Aubrey gets to his place?

3. What does the crew have to pay most attention to during a storm?

4. Where is Aubrey able to rendezvous with Maturin?

5. Why does Thornton choose to go home after the conflict at the blockade?

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