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HMS Worcester - This is the first ship commanded by Aubrey during the current novel.

HMS Surprise - This ship is unofficially known as Nemesis for a particularly audacious raid she made on the Spanish in 1797.

Torgud - This is the principle warship of Mustapha, one of the Ionian political agitators courting British cooperation.

William Timmins' Clock - This symbolizes Aubrey's time running out--he must either vacate England or shortly be placed in debtor's prison for gross financial improprieties, not entirely of his own making.

Flogging - During the period discussed in the novel, navys of the world typically used this as punishment for various infringements aboard ship.

Blockade - Much of the novel transpires while Worcester is on her duty station on this.

Toulon - This is a town in southern France and during the period of the novel has the largest military harbor on the Mediterranean coast...

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