Objects & Places from The Invention of Wings

Sue Monk Kidd
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These objects in the novel represent knowledge, education, and freedom. Sarah is punished for teaching her waiting maid by being forbidden access to these treasured objects.


These items are small written tracts, often in the form of booklets or folded sheets, that discuss or advocate for a particular issue, and are handed out or sold to the public. Both Sarah and Nina Grimke take to creating these items to advance the causes of anti-slavery and women's rights.


This commodity in the novel represents freedom. Mauma works as a seamstress in order to earn and save this commodity in the hopes of earning freedom for herself and for her daughter.


Until she is elderly, Mrs. Grimke uses this object primarily as a statement of authority. She uses it to whack the slaves, and to dish out punishments to them.

Bullet Molds

Handful volunteers to help...

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