The Invention of Wings Fun Activities

Sue Monk Kidd
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Short Story

Write a short story using the characters from The Invention of Wings. Alternatively, you might choose to write a story with different characters but involving the same themes as the novel.

Draw a Character

Draw your interpretation of a character from the novel. Artistic ability is not important, but your drawings must reflect the narrator’s description to some extent.

Recreate a Trial

Recreate the trial that Mr. Grimke faces when he faces impeachment as a judge in South Carolina. What charges are brought against Mr. Grimke?

Political Atmosphere

Develop a presentation that explores the political atmosphere of South Carolina in the early 1800s. What political parties were in power at this time? How did the politics shift during the period of the novel?

News Article

Look in your local newspaper or archives for an article that involves some aspect of the novel and bring it...

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