The Invention of Wings Character Descriptions

Sue Monk Kidd
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Theodore Weld

This character in The Invention of Wings is based on the real-life figure of one of the leading architects of the American abolitionist movement during its formative years. This young abolitionist helped to cleanse Ohio of slavery.

Israel Morris

This character is a member of the Quaker faith in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Following the death of his wife, he asks the novel's protagonist to give up the ministry and be his wife, but she turns him down.


This character is named Charlotte Grimke. She is the mother of one of the novel's two protagonists and has been a slave all her life.

Burke Williams

This character in the novel is the son of a Charleston silversmith who lures young girls into engagements, only to sexually use and abandon them.

Mrs. Mary Grimke

This character is very duty-driven, conforming to societal customs and traditions, and expects much from...

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