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This is what Lila Mae inspects for a living. It also symbolizes the method by which one can change his or her rank in society.

The Fanny Briggs Building

This is where the elevator accident occurred, and symbolizes the advancements that people of color have made in this society.


This is the expression of power and influence in the world of the novel. It symbolizes power, but also the promise of a better and more just world.

The Black Box

This is the name given to Fulton's plans for the "perfect elevator." It symbolizes the mysteriousness of James Fulton and his genius.

Volume Two of Theoretical Elevators

This symbolizes the apparent unraveling of James Fulton's mind. It was part of an elaborate joke by Fulton on his rivals.

Arbo and United

These are the city's elevator manufacturers. They symbolize the institutions of industrial and corporate power...

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