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Create a collage of the "city"

Using magazine and print photos, assemble a collage of images that capture the mood and character of the setting of the novel.

Create a Soundtrack

Make a playlist of 8-10 songs that you would use as a soundtrack for a film version of The Intuitionist. Also write a brief entry for each song, explaining which theme/scene/character the song goes with and why.

Movie Poster

Create a movie poster for a film adaption of the novel. Consider what kind of mood your poster should establish. Also decide who would play each character.

Character Poem/Rap

Choose a character and compose a poem or rap about her or him.

Read Reviews of Colson Whitehead's Other Books

Explore reviews of three of Colson Whitehead's other books. Explain what they are about, what critical response they received, and how they relate thematically to The...

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