The Intuitionist Character Descriptions

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Lila Mae Watson

This character, the protagonist, is an elevator inspector of the Intuitionist school. This character comes under intense scrutiny after a catastrophic elevator failure.

James Fulton

This character is the founder of Intuitionism and, at the beginning of the novel, has been dead for some years.

Raymond Coombs

This character is a spy for a big elevator company. This character posed as a relative of the founder of Institutionalism in order to get closer to the protagonist.

Marie Claire Rogers

This character is the former servant - as well as the heir - to the founder of Institutionalism.

Ben Urich

This character is a reporter who has written an article about the founder of Institutionalism's "black box" for Lift Magazine.

Jim Corrigan

This character is a hired thug who is well-dressed and smooth-talking.

John Murphy

This character is a hired thug who is brutish and violent.

Frank Chancre

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