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Marie-Louise von Franz
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From whom do the brothers buy a carpet in "The Three Feathers"?
(a) The king.
(b) A peasant.
(c) A frog.
(d) The queen.

2. According to Von Franz, what figure in a tale represents a restoration of the accord between ego and self?
(a) Hero.
(b) Antihero.
(c) Id.
(d) Super-ego.

3. Who was the god of wine, parties and festivals, madness, drunkenness and pleasure in Greek mythology?
(a) Pan.
(b) Zeus.
(c) Dionysus.
(d) Apollo.

4. Marie-Louise von Franz bases much of her interpretation of psychology and fairy tales on whose theories?
(a) Bruno Bettelheim's.
(b) Hilde Domin's.
(c) Carl Jung's.
(d) Sigmund Freud's.

5. What term means to break down into constituent parts; dissect; dismantle?
(a) Upearth.
(b) Deconstruct.
(c) Construct.
(d) Decompose.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Von Franz' metaphor for myth and fairy tale, what might local sagas or myth be?

2. What philosopher wrote of stories that old women told their children, called mythoi?

3. Where does Dummling find the magical toad in "The Three Feathers"?

4. Who responds the best to stories involving animals, according to the author?

5. What refers to feminine essence buried in the unconscious of every man in Jungian psychology?

Short Essay Questions

1. When did interest in the fairy tale as an intellectual subject arise? Who associated fables with Christianity?

2. Who is the character Dummling? What is his character role?

3. What is the opposing position regarding the Christianity/myth theory?

4. What is von Franz's position on psychological interpretation of fairy tales, as discussed in Chapter 1?

5. What is the theory of the "decayed myth"?

6. What does von Franz write regarding the Self and ego in Chapter 4?

7. Who were some of the early thinkers who associated fairy tales with psychology?

8. What suggestion is made regarding Christianity and myth in Chapter 2?

9. How does fairy tale differ from myth?

10. What is the response of the brothers after the ring has been found in "The Three Feathers"?

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