The Interpretation of Fairy Tales Short Essay - Answer Key

Marie-Louise von Franz
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1. What does von Franz write of the significance of the fairy tale in psychological meaning in the Preface and Chapter 1?

Author Marie-Louise von Franz borrows heavily from Carl Jung and his hypothesis of the "collective unconscious" and the presence of "archetypes." She writes that the fairy tales is a "closed system." Its meaning is contained in the tale itself, and not elsewhere. The fairy tale contains one essential psychological meaning" which it expresses with symbolic images and events.

2. In describing the history of the fairy tale and its origins in Chapter 1, what ancient writers are discussed?

Plato wrote of stories that old women told their children, called mythoi, which were developed into his works. Apuleius, another writer of antiquity, had a "Beauty and the Beast" type story, "Amor and Psyche," contained in his novel The Golden Ass.

3. What mention of Egypt is cited in the origins of fairy tales?

Fairy tales have been found on ancient Egyptian papyri, and there is a famous Egyptian fairy tale of two brothers, Anup and Bata. Depending on what theory one subscribes to, it could be claimed that Egyptian mythology itself arose from the fairy tale.

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