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Marie-Louise von Franz
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Fairy tales are referred to as what kind of "system," that is, its meaning is contained in the tale itself, and not elsewhere?
(a) Constrained.
(b) Inspired.
(c) Open.
(d) Closed.

2. In what book was the story "Amor and Psyche" contained?
(a) The Golden Ring.
(b) The Silver Horn.
(c) The Yellow Grass.
(d) The Golden Ass.

3. Carl Jung is often considered the first modern psychologist to state that the human psyche is "by nature" what?
(a) Happy.
(b) Religious.
(c) Neurotic.
(d) Good.

4. Which individual linked fairy tales to "elementary thoughts" and even "national thoughts," notions that might be precursors to Jung?
(a) Theodor Benfey.
(b) Ludwig Laister.
(c) Kaarle Krohn.
(d) Adolf Bastian.

5. Who is the author of Types of Folk Tales?
(a) Antti Aarne.
(b) Ludwig Laister.
(c) Adolf Bastian.
(d) Alexandria Watts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What philosopher wrote of stories that old women told their children, called mythoi?

2. Who wrote The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales?

3. Carl Jung considered the process of what necessary for a person to become whole?

4. What Finnish folklorist, professor and developer of the geographic-historic method of folklore research tried to find original versions by judging which tales were the best and most complete?

5. Theodor Benfey traced all fairy tales to where?

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