The Interpretation of Fairy Tales Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Marie-Louise von Franz
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Chapter 1

• Marie-Louise von Franz states in the Preface that fairy tales "are the purest and simplest expression of collective unconscious psychic processes."

• The author states that in contrast to mythologies and legends, which have a lot of cultural overlays, fairy tales have little in the way of cultural material, and thus are closer manifestations of human universal psychic processes.

• The author borrows heavily from Carl Jung and his hypothesis of the "collective unconscious" and the presence of "archetypes."
• In Chapter 1, author Von Franz goes into the history of fairy tales and their interpretations.

• Plato wrote of stories that old women told their children, called mythoi.

• Fairy tales have also been found on ancient Egyptian papyri, and there is a famous Egyptian fairy tale of two brothers, Anup and Bata.

• Scientific interest in the fairy tale began in the eighteenth century with men like J. G. Herder, who hypothesized...

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